Grand Hotel Bedroom Furniture

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Grand hotel bedroom furniture

Russia birch solid wood, as the inner and outer frame for furniture sofa, Leisure chair, writing table, coffee table and bed base. And also can be instead by solid rubber wood. The hard wood water rate should be control between 7%-12%, which prevent the timber wood not easy to crash out.

 The basic material MDF / plywood with different kind of wood veneer, and for the wall panel, bed base and bathroom door are using plywood with wood veneer. Wood veneer type can choose natural gery oak, natural black walnut, natural Thailand teak, engineer ebony, engineer rosewood …………

Grand hotel bedroom furniture

Grand bedroom furniture

hotel  furniture

 hotel bedroom furniture

 bedroom furniture

Vintage bedroom furniture

quality bedroom furniture

Hotel bedroom furniture

quality bedroom furniture

Linen fabric in UK standard fire proof, different color such green color, black color, yellow color for choose. Inner foam in 45 degree density seating, 40 degree foam density for arm, 35 degree foam for back, UK standard fire retardant if need. Fabric have velvet type for option. 

Natural marble in black color on the top, can be change to other kind of marble if need. Natural marble type have yingbailong marble, jueshibai marble, gumuwen marble for option.

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