Star Hotel Bedroom Furniture

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star hotel bedroom furniture

Solid Russia birch wood inner and outer frame, better quality than normal solid rubber wood type. 5 star hotel or super 5 star hotel can choose American red oak, Russia ash tree or Europe beech wood for the hard wood frame.

The panel is MDF, or plywood. The wood veneer you can select natural wood veneer light walnut, white oak, grey oak or engineer wood veneer ebony, zebra, teak and so on.

star hotel bedroom furniture

 star  bedroom furniture

star hotel bedroom furniture

 hotel bedroom furniture

 bedroom furniture

Vintage bedroom furniture

quality bedroom furniture

Hotel bedroom furniture

quality bedroom furniture

 UK standard fire retardant for fabric, and US standard fire retardant for the foam. The fabric color can be change (red color, black color, white color, blue color, and so on) . The foam density is 45 degree for chair seating, 35 degree foam for chair back and arm. 

Artificial marble, price not over USD80 per square meter is acceptable. Can be change to natural marble if price acceptable. The marble thickness is depending on different kind of marble type.