Brief description: Create high-quality eco-friendly hotel furniture

- Jun 21, 2018-

All along, we are advocating "environmental protection". Whether it is the decoration and decoration industry or the catering industry, the demand for environmental protection is the most direct, especially in the hotel furniture industry. We hope that environmental protection is more than a slogan. We should truly proceed from reality and shape the environment-friendly hotel furniture so that consumers can feel comfortable and comfortable.


Beautifully shaped hotel furniture can certainly brighten people's sight and bring people a good mood. However, while paying attention to the appearance, we can't ignore it inside. Some furniture whose quality is too low and the environmental protection is not up to standard can only be for us. Physical and mental health hazards. For the time being not to mention the style, color and price of this type of furniture, we specifically come up with environmental issues to make a procurement guide, hoping to bring everyone a green and healthy living environment.


 Benzene contamination caused by adhesives can not be ignored. Synthetic adhesives are relatively serious pollution of the surrounding air. In addition, some manufacturers, especially some high-end hotel furniture paints, use lacquer as the paint brush. These lacquers contain urushiol, which is corrosive and toxic to human skin and can cause dermatitis and other allergic reactions.


From this, it can be seen that the elimination of formaldehyde binder contamination is a very serious issue. To ensure the health of the majority of consumers, the concentration of toxic gases must be controlled within the specifications.