Color configuration of hotel restaurant furniture

- Jul 16, 2018-

The color configuration of the hotel restaurant furniture has a great influence on people's dining psychology. First, the color of food can affect people's appetite. Second, the color of restaurant furniture can also affect people's mood when eating. The color of the hotel restaurant furniture varies greatly depending on personal hobbies and personality. But in general, the color of the restaurant furniture should be based on bright and light colors. It is recommended that you use orange and the sister color of the same color. Both of these colors have an appetizing effect, they not only give a sense of warmth, but also enhance the interest of the diners. When the overall color is matched, you should also pay attention to the ground color tones, the wall color can be used in the middle tone, and the ceiling color is light to increase the sense of stability. People's feelings about color will change under different time, season and psychological state. It is recommended that you use the light to adjust the indoor color atmosphere to achieve the purpose of eating. When the furniture of the restaurant is darker, it can be set off with bright and fresh light color or blue, white, green and white, red and white tablecloths. For example, when a person eats, it tends to be boring, and a red tablecloth can be used to eliminate loneliness. The incandescent lamp can be used in the luminaire, and the room is reflected in the soft orange light through the reflector to form an orange-yellow environment, which eliminates the sense of lifelessness. In winter nights, you can choose to use a candlelight source to illuminate, or use orange spotlights to concentrate the light on the table, which also creates a warm feeling.