Explain the common treatment skills of hotel furniture oil

- Jun 21, 2018-

We often stay at the hotel and pay great attention to the environment and furniture. The hotel furniture in the premium suite is even more important. Here's how to clean and maintain:


Everyone should not be arbitrarily arbitrarily to your furniture, sometimes you want to make your furniture better and more beautiful, but are often good at doing bad things. Did you clean the furniture with a rag to wipe the table? This is wrong. Furniture stains are made of fibers, sand, and alumina, and many people are accustomed to using a dry rag to clean and wipe the furniture surface. But the particles we just mentioned are solid, and they will rub back and forth, which will damage the furniture finish. Although these scratches are minimal and even the naked eye can't see it, but the dripping water passes through the stone, the surface of the furniture will be very dark for a long time and will be much less bright than before.


At home, do you often use dishwashing detergent to clean your furniture? Detergents, detergents and other products can not only effectively remove the dust that accumulates on the surface of the furniture, but also cannot remove the dust particles before the lighting, and because they are somewhat erosive, they are very dangerous for the furniture. At the same time, if the water molecules penetrate into the wood, it will also cause wood mold or local deformation, reducing the service life. A lot of furniture is made of a kind of machine called fiberboard. Once the furniture goes into water, the consequences are very serious. In the past few years, it may not be a big deal because formaldehyde and other additives have not completely evaporated. But once the above additives are volatilized, the dampness of those damp cloths will cause the furniture to become moldy. If it happens that households on the lower floors are located, furniture may become moldy each year when it rains. Hey, if so, furniture will not only not play a role in your hands, but will greatly reduce life expectancy, we must keep in mind the above knowledge!