Four trends in the development of furniture industry

- Jan 01, 2018-

China's furniture industry market entry threshold is low, the cost of reducing the cost to reduce the price has become a large number of new market small manufacturers of the killer. With the furniture product packaging, logistics and business environment is becoming more and more perfect, the furniture brand competition from regional competition to expand nationwide competition, some with low cost for the competitive advantage of the brand that can always find their prices lower than similar competing products, and even many high end furniture brand has also attracted more and more competition and pressure.

The application of 1. new materials will be profound changes in the furniture industry

The development process of throughout the furniture industry, the great leap forward inseparable every furniture industry and new materials and technologies. In the long thousand years, wood, bamboo and other plants to process materials become the main material for making furniture, nearly a thousand years of traditional furniture is mostly wooden furniture; in modern times, steel and alloy materials began to enter the furniture industry, steel and wood structure furniture furniture began to appear, the function, shape and appearance there have been many changes; followed by extensive use of polymer materials with PE, PVC, ABS as the representative of promoting the rapid iteration of the furniture industry, has brought profound changes in four aspects.

First is the emergence of a large number of new hybrid materials. Polymer materials can be used alone in furniture, and other objects can also be powder polymerization to form new materials, such as the combination with wood flour, rice husk, straw, wood was born materials; combined with powder, the birth of the stone plastic material: combined with fly ash, the birth of the carbon material of gold and so on.  These various kinds of new materials have various physical properties. They play an important role in furniture manufacturing, especially in the manufacture of special furniture for special environment.

Second furniture materials from the consumption of natural resources into green Recyclable. Many new modified materials with polymer materials are recyclable. Once the furniture is no longer used, it can be broken into powder and pressed into plank to make new furniture.

2. human engineering has been widely used in the furniture industry

Modern consumer demand for furniture consumption is from "some" to "good" change. All the furniture is ultimately by the people to use, comfort will become one of the important criteria to evaluate the quality of furniture, especially tables, seats, bedding etc. people often use furniture, requirements for the comfort of the more stringent. Human engineering (or ergonomics) is becoming more and more closely related to furniture manufacturing. It is through scientific large-scale experiments to solve the problem of furniture that makes people comfortable, sitting comfortably and lying comfortably.

This adjustable functional design in furniture furniture is more obvious, the traditional fixed furniture for the transformation and upgrading of the function of the comfort of the guests to meet engineering requirements, will be one of the important breakthrough point of furniture products broken bureau winning.

3. to meet customer demand customized furniture

With the improvement of living standards, a new generation of young people of individual consciousness; with new materials, new technology, new technology has been widely used, such as e-commerce sales channels increasingly short, personalized furniture production costs and distribution costs continue to decrease.  To meet the needs of custom-made furniture has become an important breakthrough in the transformation of many traditional furniture enterprises.

Meet customer customization demand mainly in two ways.

First is provided by the customer or the specific demand for housing data, some of the furniture, the furniture factory issued draft design and effect diagram, customer approval, customized production factory. The material of furniture, style, structure, appearance, color can be individually customized, with the help of digital printing technology, can even do customer requirements will be printed on the pattern or picture furniture. The feature of this style of Furniture Customization is that the factory undertakes almost all the work in the process of customization, and the cost of manpower and the cost of time are higher.

Second ways is the development of modular furniture. Modular furniture means that consumers assemble and adjust their basic furniture modules with different functions, specifications and colors according to their actual needs and creative freedom to meet the needs of different spaces and functions. The manufacturer only needs the production of the standardized furniture module, and the customized work process is given to the customer or the auxiliary customer.

4. furniture intelligent Era

Traditional furniture is a fixed structure, no soul, people can only passively adapt to existing furniture; more modern furniture and into the regulating function of human body engineering, people can manually adjust the various indicators, the use of furniture is more suitable for the individual; in the near future, with the decrease of enhancement, smart chip function the cost of data transmission more convenient, information receiving and processing terminal increase, we can expect intelligent furniture will appear, through the intelligent furniture data acquisition, operation processing, self adjustment and actively adapt to the various needs of the owner.