Hotel fixed furniture: What are the requirements for hotel wood veneer design and construction process?

- Jul 06, 2018-

Hotel wood veneer, also known as wall-mounted panels, is a common type of hotel-mounted furniture, and is generally used in the walls of public areas such as guest rooms or corridors.

In order to improve the overall hotel grade, the hotel's wood veneer is an indispensable hotel furniture product, because it can make a lot of the lobby beautiful, the overall design aesthetic effect is very prominent, so how many hotels are more There are some wood-finished furniture in the lesser days. I would like to share some of the things that should be paid attention to when making the wood veneer and how to install it.

When we receive the request for hotel furniture, we must consider the substrate of the hotel wood veneer when we make the hotel wood veneer.

Whether the base plate is flat enough to prevent unevenness, if the wall is uneven, it will affect the installation of the later wood veneer. At this time, it will affect its aesthetics. Not only does it not have the effect it envisions, but it also affects the overall aesthetics. Therefore, in order not to appear uneven, it is generally recommended to use 9哩 multi-layer board to make the foundation. After the hotel wood finish is finished in the factory, it will be delivered to the site to command the professional installation master to install. Better results. Also, when choosing wood veneer paint, we must pay attention to the fact that we can't choose a paint surface that is too bright, because such a varnish seems to be better at the time, but after a long time, it can not maintain good results for a long time. If it is scratched, the effect is ugly. Therefore, it is generally recommended that the hotel wood veneer be made of matte or seven-point light.

Remember to be a hotel wood veneer must find a professional hotel wood veneer manufacturers, the full maturity of the craft quality is guaranteed, in order to reflect the hotel's tall, otherwise the overall beauty of the hotel will be greatly reduced.