Hotel furniture PK ordinary furniture

- Jul 04, 2018-

Maintenance: Hotel furniture is difficult to maintain relative to civilian furniture. Ordinary furniture can be waxed in separate sections, but the cleaning of hotel furniture is large. The furniture of solid wood hotel is often difficult to wax. If the furniture is not cleaned before waxing, the furniture surface will be blurred, and the furniture after waxing will be damaged. It is more difficult, so new hotel furniture should not be waxed as much as possible.

Material: Hotel furniture encounters more damage, suitable for high hardness, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant finish furniture. Room coffee tables, writing desks, etc., should be designed to use fireproof materials as much as possible; and civilian furniture generally does not need to be considered. The fabric of the ring chair should be considered flame retardant, and the civilian furniture does not need to be considered. In addition, the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of hotel furniture is better, while ordinary furniture is relatively low.

Design: Ordinary homes have a distinct personal color, depending on the owner's preferences. Hotel furniture is also determined according to the style of the hotel, but it should have the characteristics of elegance and common taste, and in the details of furniture design, we must pay more attention to humanity, the line requirements are simple and clear, try to use less bump lines, easy for the waiter to clean, and ordinary furniture crafts Relatively considerable more complicated.