Hotel furniture selection guide.

- Jul 03, 2018-

Cost-effective furniture: In order to ensure that the furniture does not affect the aging and damage of the furniture, the furniture should choose a product that can maintain good appearance and quality, high price-performance ratio for a long time, and pay special attention to the after-sales service commitment provided by the merchant. Time is as long as possible;

1. Fireproof and high temperature resistance: the material of the furniture must have fireproof and high temperature resistance. The fireproof panel is often used. It will not cause fires due to the habits of smoking by customers, and ensure the safety of guests.

2. Waterproof and moisture-proof: the heat of tea, the moisture of the bathroom, the change of seasonal climate and humidity, etc., will cause problems such as exposure, falling off, deformation of the board surface, cracking of the surface, foaming, mildew, etc. Furniture should be waterproof and moisture resistant.

3. Furniture selection: The design of the hotel's furniture requires simple and practical, the color and style are consistent with the hotel's positioning style, and the accommodation environment is warm, so that guests can get a good rest during the journey;

4. Wear-resisting and durable: Guests are not as careful as they are in the process of using hotel furniture. Friction and collision of furniture are common. Wearing and durable quality will also help extend the use of furniture and reduce hotel operations. cost;

5.Environmental protection: The board must use E1 grade environmental protection board to reduce the impact of harmful substances such as formaldehyde on the health of the guests, and the hotel decoration should also pay attention to environmental protection;

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