How to choose a good hotel furniture?

- Jul 02, 2018-

Many people will find it hard to buy furniture, because people who don’t understand furniture often don’t know how to choose furniture, so sometimes they are fooled by others or salespeople. Xiaobian is here to introduce selected hotels. Furniture, so that guests can recommend more people to stay at the time of check-in.

1. The first thing is to look at the material of the furniture. The best material is solid wood, but the weight is very heavy. Therefore, we can judge the quality of the furniture from the furniture material, and we must choose according to the price we set.

2. It is best to choose the furniture on the surface of the rubber sheet. Because the use of plastic sheets is longer than paint-made furniture, it is the most suitable for hotel furniture.

3. The second is to have furniture made of environmentally-certified furniture materials. Environmentally-friendly furniture can ensure that the material will not exceed formaldehyde, so it must be selected.

4. Then, when choosing the furniture, try to choose a little darker color, so that it will be better to clean up some, and at the same time give people a better feeling.

5. The best thing to do is to pick up the furniture with anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, because once the weather is relatively humid, the furniture will be damp again. Therefore, it is necessary to apply anti-corrosion wood oil to prevent it.

6. The above is the selection of hotel furniture introduced by Xiao Bian is good or bad, in fact, can go to the factory directly customized, so you can choose your favorite shape, but also can choose the material you want.