How to choose a restaurant sofa seat

- Jan 01, 2018-

In the restaurant furniture, dining tables and chairs placed more stress, in general, a restaurant more attention to the consumption of the atmosphere, compared to the fast food, is a kind of atmosphere slowly, more focused on a restaurant to enjoy the Chinese people are diverse in the western restaurant with cognitive understanding, now in a restaurant is buffet form domestic, there is a restaurant, some began to self-service restaurant became very popular. Is very important for the design of the restaurant, a relationship which cannot do without the restaurant on the dining table and chair seat sofa.

For most of the restaurant, the restaurant seat sofa is an indispensable dining furniture, the seat sofa, with a more general classification, type of restaurant deck has several solid wood sofa, sofa seat, is in the visible light, there are some wood elements involved, as modified, and at the same time it is made the amount of a role. The second is fireproof board common deck sofa, fireproof board is a synthetic fire layout material, in general, fire board finishes, cushion and backrest is part of the overall roolls, looks like a wood effect. Of course, there will be a full deck type soft sofa, the sofa, the basic shape is variety, like a soft "animal" flexible, full of soft sofa, in appearance is the xipi is a package of fabric or cloth fabric, color variety can be selected. What kind of restaurant is how to select the appropriate restaurant card of the sofa? First of all we can from the most common fast food restaurants as an example to say simply, fast food is generally the soft seat sofa, is the flagship of a practical storage space, saving cost, the preferred durable card of the sofa, does not need the decoration design is luxury, this is a characteristic of fast food of course, in the choice of sofa fabric, Xiaobian recommended durable Cipri, such as microfiber leather, in color, we should choose some relatively deep color, avoid too beautiful colors.

In the restaurant or cafeteria, seat sofa purchase should try to choose high quality furniture styles as a restaurant, according to their own restaurant so how to select the appropriate card of the sofa, a major feature of the western restaurant is relaxed slowly, with excellent atmosphere of the dining environment is pay attention to Western restaurant. Western restaurant, pay attention to the mood, editorial recommendation style is fireproof board card of the sofa, the sofa seat in the first design innovation in the structure will have a new look, which is to attract consumers to the important level. So a lot of solid wood sofa seat, seat sofa, atmosphere, easy collocation out Oh, of course, more upscale. In the purchase of the restaurant, we pay more attention to the western restaurant with the price process, in terms of price, generally according to meters, it is in accordance with the arc deck of the outer arc count, outer arc is back the back wall. In the choice of materials, avoid using melamine plate materials or particleboard materials, as the substrate holder.