How to choose the materials of hotel furniture?

- Jul 03, 2018-

The material is obviously the material basis for the production of hotel furniture. In the history of the development of hotel furniture, the level of productivity development at that time can be expressed from the materials used for hotel furniture. In addition to the commonly used metals, plastics and wood, there are also glass, rubber, fabric, rattan, bamboo, leather, sponge and decorative panels. However, not all materials can be used in the production of hotel furniture. The application of hotel furniture materials also has some selectivity. The following factors should be fully analyzed:


(1) Processing technology. The processing technology of the material directly affects the production of hotel furniture. According to the custom grades of the hotel furniture and the introduction of the place of origin, the wood furniture materials should be analyzed and summarized, the isotropic cracking and the porosity in the process of processing. Plastic materials should take into account their thermoplastic deformation and ductility. The glass material should take into account its hot brittleness, hardness and the like.

(2) Texture and outer surface quality. The texture and texture of the material determine the special feel of the outer surface quality of the product. Wood is a natural material, the texture is beautiful and natural, the hand feels good and the image is realistic, and it is easy to color and process. It is the superior material for the production of hotel furniture. Plastics and their synthetic materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials, and have good coloring properties, but they are prone to aging and are susceptible to thermal deformation. The use of this to produce hotel furniture has limited service life and scope of use.

(3) Economics. According to the custom function and appearance of the hotel furniture, the material utilization rate of the economical materials of the hotel furniture materials, the processing labor consumption, the material source and the richness of the price including the materials. Although wood has the advantages of natural texture, but with the continuous reduction of wood stocks and the increase in demand, resources are becoming increasingly scarce. With the economical and similar materials of wood materials, they will be widely used in the production of hotel furniture. .

(4) Strength. In terms of strength, the grip strength and the tamper resistance and elastic modulus should be considered.

(5) Surface decoration properties. In general, the surface decoration performance refers to the feasibility of engraving, coloring, ironing, ironing, painting, adhesive tape, and the like.