Large round bed is preferred as hotel bed and hotel furniture features

- Jun 29, 2018-

The round bed is the first choice for hotel bed and hotel furniture, with the following points:

1, according to the modeling points. Large round beds include: Apple beds, heart beds, eggshell beds, pumpkin beds, European beds, etc.

2, according to size points. There are three types of mattress diameters for large round bed hotels in hotel furniture: 200, 210, 220, corresponding to the size of the peripheral area, 230, 245, 255.

3, according to the material and color points. Hotel furniture special round bed hotel bed material is divided into cloth and leather; large round bed color generally choose warm and romantic colors: red, pink, violet, purple, sky blue, golden yellow and so on.

4, according to the function points. Hotel furniture special round bed hotel bed features more choices: constant temperature water bed, electric power, video bed, voice-activated color light, fun massage and so on.

5, room with instructions. Hotel bed furniture for the round bed hotel with a mix of recommendations: 1) choose a round bedside table, color and style with the round bed uniform; 2) big round bed color and style and the room's overall style and layout. 3) The multi-functionality of the other facilities in the room will bring a rich taste experience to the customers, such as: S-seat sofa, chaise lounge, eight-claw chair, electric silken chair, colorful stage, emperor stool, fun swing and so on.

In short, the large round bed has been the preferred choice for hotel beds and exotic hotel furniture in recent years and has been welcomed by customers. Become a dream stage for fashionistas and lovers.