Maintenance and maintenance methods of table chair furniture in different material restaurants

- Jan 01, 2018-

Weather in the country, there are not the same effect, the seasons of the year have a different problem: for example: pick up the transformation, spring summer, the scorching sun Spring is in the air.;; autumn: snowy winter: an invigorating autumn climate; (in China in this generation is very difficult to see the Guangdong area snow weather). In these seasons, when compared with furniture industry, they are often affected by wet weather. How to maintain furniture in these different seasons? It was simply introduced by Headly, a restaurant furniture manufacturer.

Solid wood dining room table and chair furniture:

In the cleaning and maintenance of solid wood furniture, solid wood should choose special cleaning agent, also can choose the appropriate method of wax protection; of course maintenance in the use of special cleaning agent, should be immediately with a clean cloth wipe out or use absorbent paper pasted on the wet section of moisture, to prolong the service life of furniture.

Board and chair furniture in the wood-based panel restaurant:

In the use of wood-based panel furniture at the same time, a cleaning artificial plate furniture, check whether edge defects, if the defect exists, but also for the cleaning work, falling under the condition of artificial plate will appear with expansion and damage, easy to change the desktop, the defect is found, it should be timely for maintenance treatment, so as to avoid these undesirable phenomena, and man-made board legs should be equipped with waterproof pad, while near the Restroom, bathroom, corner area, need to set aside a vent ventilation, to prevent damp.

Metal dining table and chair furniture:

First in a tea wash work, should check whether there are lots of paint, if exists, should first take maintenance, to paint lots of painting, can be put in dry ventilated area; such as paint did not occur, in the process of cleaning, for wipe with a soft cloth to clean the rust, the place has appeared in cleaning, polishing a lot of rust should be timely treatment, spray paint in the corresponding maintenance treatment can be.

Leather and chair furniture in the cortex restaurant:

Leather furniture leather will harden in cold humid environment, and if in the air and humid environment, cortical appearance is prone to mildew, easy to make leather furniture deformation fade characteristics, in the maintenance of leather furniture, should use the corresponding leather oil, sheep oil for maintenance and cleaning with mildew fungicides for processing, after coated with leather oil for maintenance, but also in the leather sofa properly put some desiccant, drying to maintain space.