The choice of hotel furniture

- Jan 01, 2018-

Hotel furniture is the meaning of the literal, the furniture inside the hotel. It is designed to match the interior design of the hotel. It needs to consider the harmony between the interior and the furniture. And according to the star standard of the hotel is different, the style is different and different. Hotel furniture generally includes hotel housing furniture, hotel hall furniture, hotel restaurant furniture, public space furniture, conference furniture and so on.

Hotel furniture can be divided into two types: fixed furniture and active furniture. Fixed furniture is in the hotel, fixed in the wall, the ground of the mobile furniture, some part will be firmly attached to the building furniture. And the activity furniture is our traditional meaning furniture, generally has the hotel bed, the dresser, the bedside cabinet, the luggage cabinet, the wardrobe and so on. Now the TV is usually hung on the wall, so most high-end hotels do not have TV cabinets.

Different hotel furniture, its surface material is different. The feet of tables, chairs and cabinets should be hardened with hard wood, bearing weight, and other internal materials can be used. Foot thickness wardrobe to reach 3 centimeters thick, thin is not beautiful, easy to bend deformation. The furniture of the kitchen and bathroom can not be made of fiber from wood. It should be used with the waterproof material. The fiber will expand and destroy the water when it meets the water. The water content of the hotel furniture should not exceed 13%, the water content is high, and the wood is easy to bend and deform.

So if you don't have a test instrument at the time of selection, you can touch the bottom of the furniture with your hands and touch it with your hands, or if there is no paint in it, if you feel a little wet, it won't work. Another way is to sprinkle water in a place where the paint is not painted. If the water sinks slowly or unsinks into the wood, it shows the high water content. Also, it is necessary to see whether the four corners of the furniture are stable. This is a simple way to get it on the flat. Will look at the veneer furniture patchwork Yan lax. Whether it is to see the plank or paint paper, should look at whether the post is smooth, without bulge, blistering, patchwork lax phenomenon. Check the directed light, red light does not see it.