The difference between the hotel furniture and the ordinary furniture

- Jan 01, 2018-

Perhaps in many people's heart, the furniture of the hotel is not the same as the furniture in the home, it's all about the same. In fact, the difference between the hotel furniture and the general furniture is very big. Because a lot of people are at home, the furniture of their own home has a protective psychology, but the furniture of the hotel is very random, light this mentality, can cause the difference. The hotel did not want its own furniture to be damaged at a sudden, so the hotel furniture was born.

What is the difference between the furniture and the ordinary furniture in the hotel? First of all, the material must be different, because the hotel guests all have, so the hotel furniture must be high hardness, wear-resistant, will not be easily scraped. Besides, we should also consider the problem of fire. If a guest smokes in a hotel, it may burn the surface of the furniture or fire, so the hotel furniture must not burn easily. The hotel bathroom is next to the room, so the furniture waterproof is also better, or the long time will be mildew, skin shedding and so on, affecting the hotel image.

Because the hotel furniture is different from the general furniture, the way of maintenance and cleaning will not be used. After cleaning the hotel furniture with a wet cloth, it is necessary to use an iron or a hair dryer to vaporize the moisture at a low temperature, and even the moisture in the furniture should be evaporated. There are also some simple methods, which are also commonly used in the hotel, which is to wipe the rag with soapy water and make the furniture bright. There is also one kind is to use the overdue milk on the rag to wipe, the cleaning effect is very good. So the hotel furniture is very different from our ordinary furniture.