The problems of Hotel Furniture Customization

- Jan 01, 2018-

The wholesale market of hotel furniture factory now has begun a downhill line, because there are many hotel furniture factory in the furniture production and other styles are echo what the books say, the same, so the lack of new ideas. So the product sales of many hotel furniture manufacturers are declining. Moreover, most people now feel that foreign imports are good and are buying those foreign goods, causing the domestic furniture market to be sluggish. We first put aside those interests first, from the customer's purchase aspect, foreign goods or imports really better than domestic? Not necessarily, so why do everyone have this idea? That is due to some of the domestic black hearted merchants, not a stick to kill a group of people. So we should be rational to choose.

When you buy or customize the hotel furniture, you need to learn more than three. For the two same styles and specifications of furniture, we should consider all aspects, such as price, quality, brand and so on. Another thing to note is that if furniture has a pungent smell, I advise you not to buy it, because maybe formaldehyde is beyond the standard, which will affect people's physical condition.  The newly bought furniture has to be isolated for a period of time, because new furniture contains toxic gas, so it can be used normally until it releases all the poisonous gas.

In order to customize the furniture of the hotel, we should also pay attention to some problems, and think about how to make your own hotel furniture more customizable. Finally, the hotel furniture manufacturer reminds us: whether buying furniture or customized furniture, the first thing to concern is not the appearance, but the quality and practicality. Also, before customizing the furniture, it is necessary to accurately measure the dimensions of the hotel room, and then customize the furniture according to the situation of your own hotel. For example, style, color, style, specification and so on, such custom furniture is suitable for you, and save time and labor, a job.