What are the choices of the custom made of the hotel furniture?

- Jan 01, 2018-

In order to cater to the personalization requirements of the guests, the hotel is customizing the furniture of the Select Hotel so that it will attract more guests and achieve the effect of publicity. But the personalized appearance of the hotel furniture is not enough, and the material is strong and practical. So let's see today, what are the materials that are customized for the hotel furniture?

1. Wood particleboard. This kind of material is made from wood of artificial or natural termination, made by processing and making, and then made at high temperature and high pressure. Generally, the specifications of particleboard are 18mm and 25mm, because it has smaller expansion rate and stronger stability. Many hotel furniture customization manufacturers will use this material. But the quality of the particleboard on the market is uneven, so we must check the quality in the selection.

2. Fiberboard. Compared with particleboard, the surface of fiberboard is a little smooth. Moreover, because its internal structure is very tight and difficult to loose, it has good stability and bearing capacity. Also because the fiberboard is made of powder and high temperature pressed, it is not easy to deform, convenient for transportation and disassembly. It can also be moisture-proof, wear-resistant and high temperature resistance, and so on. It is very suitable for the custom of star hotel furniture. However, the processing cost has directly led to the increase of its processing cost, so the furniture that generally uses fiberboard will be more expensive than the particleboard.

3, there is also a carpenter board. This is made of natural veneer and solid wood splicing. It has two types, one is the machine system, the bearing capacity of this material is very strong also not easy to deformation. The manual is to make use of human made so the compressive capacity is limited, is not suitable for cutting processing, not suitable for furniture.

The above is the common custom hotel furniture material, but there are other materials without a little out of it, like some 5 star hotel luxury suites will use expensive computer to stop the ah teak furniture, so it depends on personal needs and love.