What kind of hotel decoration style looks good?

- Jul 11, 2018-

Before the modern hotel is going to be renovated, if you want to achieve the desired effect in the later stage, you have to plan it in advance, and the style is the key part of the whole hotel decoration. Therefore, when decorating, everyone wants to know how to match the hotel furniture. . Only by understanding these general classifications can you determine what styles you want and better design and decoration.


Therefore, before the hotel is undergoing renovation, the style must be clearly understood. Let's take a look at the classification of hotel decoration styles! Hotel furniture manufacturers


Hotel decoration style classification? What kind of hotel decoration style looks good?


1. Simple style, simple style is evolved from “minimalism”, which represents simplicity and taste. Simplicity is not the same as simplicity. It is only after careful design to streamline the interior decoration, but every streamlined can see the designer's thoughts.


Simplicity is also reflected in hotel furniture and accessories. Those versatile and practical hotel furniture are preferred by hotel owners who prefer simple style. On the contrary, if there are many things in the hotel room, it is not pragmatic, regardless of the overall effect, then It will only greatly affect the effect of the minimalist style.


2, the American style, the main feature of the American style is casual and atmospheric. The American-style hotel lobby is spacious and historic. The hotel's rooms are warm, emphasizing functionality and comfort, and are also decorated with a lot of fabrics; the hotel lounge is simple and practical, but the lounge area is a The decoration is very rich, and many beautiful items will appear in the leisure area, making the leisure area very charming.


3, rural style, rural style has a variety of, but the change is not separated from its ancestors, its main feature is to return to nature. The rural style is the favorite of the people who love the nature. They are in the bustling city. The reinforced concrete makes them feel the pressure of life. At this time, living in a chic country hotel, a rustic style room can make them feel Relax and feel comfortable. The pastoral style likes to use pottery, brick, earth, wood, bamboo and other natural and better things, without carving, the original is also natural. In addition, the rustic style likes to decorate the space with green plants, allowing plants to blend into the space, creating a natural, simple feeling.


4, Japanese style, Japanese style decoration is extremely simple, the hotel interior furniture is equipped with a coffee table, the wooden components on the wall echo the sliding doors and windows, the overall effect is simple and elegant, no more decoration, pay attention to the actual function.


5, European style, European style, elegant and elegant, not only reflected in its strong colors, but also which gorgeous decoration and furniture. In addition to luxury, the European style is more romantic and elegant. It is the humanized curve and exquisite workmanship of the hotel's European furniture, which brings the comfort of body and mind.


6, Mediterranean style, enjoy the refreshing blue sea and blue sky. The Mediterranean style has a unique aesthetic. Generally choose natural soft colors, pay attention to spatial matching in combination design, make full use of every inch of space, set decoration and apply to one, avoid trivial in combination and match, look generous, natural, exude the ancient distinguished pastoral atmosphere and culture. grade.


7. Chinese style, Chinese style is a good combination of China's long history and culture, and the perfect embodiment of modern people's decoration technology. It is a fusion of Chinese traditional culture and Chinese modern culture, creating a unique sense of closeness to nature, making the connotation of Chinese decoration deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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