6 Elements To Be Considered In The Selection And Purchase Of Hotel Furniture

- Jan 01, 2018-

1, waterproof and moisture-proof: in the hotel and apartment rooms, often caused by water and moisture intrusion of the hotel furniture damage. Tea dumping, moisture and toilet water vapor bath sauna bath wet towel, diffuse contact, seasonal climate changes in humidity and so on, will cause the furniture surface deformation exposure, shedding, swelling, blistering, facing cracks, mildew and other issues, so focus on the waterproof function should buy furniture;

2, fire and heat resistance: kindled cigarettes and matches will cause damage to the surface of furniture, causing serious or even causing fires. The fire and flame-retardant properties of furniture should not be ignored.

3, wear-resisting: the room routine appliances, such as telephone, ashtray, teacup, desk lamp, flower pot, portable computer, trunk, electric heating water heater, etc., are all likely to rub with furniture surface in daily use, resulting in scratches, affecting the effective life of furniture. The wear resistance of the furniture sheet is an important factor to determine the effective life of the furniture.

4, environmental protection: furniture materials, such as particleboard, fiberboard, glue, paint, and so on, will release the harmful gas to the human body. The hotel and apartment rooms are relatively closed. The gas that irritation the eyes and nose will directly affect the occupancy rate of the guest rooms. The environmental protection of furniture has become an important factor for the modern guests to choose Check Inn Hotel conditions.

5, style, style and Design: the style of furniture and style should be in harmony with the style of decoration, decoration to avoid the simple luxury hotel furniture, luxury decoration or low-grade furniture; furniture selection should consider the hotel and apartment location, for customers, room pricing and investment restrictions, should be based on the preferences of the guests and the concept of consumption as the center, to make up for the deficiency of construction and decoration to design reasonable furniture and product style, enhance the grade of hotel and characteristics;

6, an investment and hedging time: to ensure not because of aging and damage of furniture and affect guest occupancy, hotel furniture choice in addition to considering an investment cost, at the same time should be considered a decoration business in the process of furniture should choose duplicate cumulative investment, do not need to repeat investment can maintain a good appearance quality and performance price ratio of long products, while the furniture company gives the warranty time should also be considered.