Common Sense Of Cleaning And Maintenance Of Hotel Furniture

- Jan 01, 2018-

The cleaning and maintenance of the hotel furniture is different from the furniture used by the general family, and the difficulty will be greater. Even if the hotel has personal cleaning every day, some necessary furniture cleaning and maintenance methods should be paid attention to.

The specific method is, first of all, when cleaning furniture, we need to use two rag, a dry and a wet one, first wipe the dust with a dry rag, if there is oil, we can wipe it with damp cloth and dip in the right amount of detergent. Secondly, hotel furniture should not be subject to exposure, should always remain in a damp environment, moving the furniture should be careful, reduce the furniture of the collision, to light light.

Also, the use of hotel furniture in general are long, for such furniture maintenance, we should do it every three months on a wax, so that the furniture is more beautiful, also can prolong the service life of furniture, but the attention, to ensure the cleanliness of the furniture and dry before waxing, this effect is better. In addition, it is also important to avoid the use of chemical agents such as alcohol, banana water and other solvents that can easily damage the furniture. The latter point is that when choosing furniture, it is necessary to purchase according to the specific usage, and according to the furniture's use environment, the furniture that is suitable for material is placed.

Do the cleaning and maintenance of hotel furniture, not only can give customers a fresh feeling to attract more business, will prolong the life of the furniture, the long-term benefits to the company, so, remember that the small details of furniture maintenance is an important factor in the development of the hotel.