Hotel Furniture Can Highlight The Uniformity And Complementarity Of The Hotel Style

- Jul 17, 2018-

In order to ensure the uniformity and compatibility of the hotel style, the hotel management company asks the professional hotel design company to make the hotel furniture configuration, and hand over the good plan to the corresponding furniture company for bidding production. We can do as required. The fixed furniture is completely designed according to the design of Party A.

Modern hotels are mostly neoclassical and simple European style. Therefore, furniture is also based on this style. Some hotels in the West will add some oriental cultural elements to the hotel's space design, and have a unique charm.

As one of the carriers of the hotel design style, furniture is the main element that reflects different cultural characteristics and provides different functional services. Professional hotel furniture pays attention to creating a unique hotel culture atmosphere for customers, reflecting the thoughtfulness of people from the most subtle points, and the furniture and the hotel's indoor environment are combined to complement each other. There are many types of furniture in the hotel, but the rooms are the most important places from the perspective of the guests and the hotel. The eight styles of furniture are: modern avant-garde, modern minimalism, elegance, new Chinese, neo-classical, European classical, American countryism and Mediterranean style. Each design style also corresponds to different lifestyles: modern avant-garde corresponds to alternative; modern minimalism corresponds to fashion; elegant corresponds to elegance (casual elegance); new Chinese corresponds to nostalgia; neoclassical corresponds to noble; European classical corresponds to gorgeous (luxury); American country corresponds to leisure (natural); the Mediterranean corresponds to romance. )