Hotel Furniture Care Instructions

- Jul 12, 2018-

1, hotel furniture to avoid long-term exposure to the sun or flooded or humid environment, so as not to fade the product.

      2, do not put too cold or overheated items directly on the surface of hotel furniture, it will damage the surface of the protective paint and wax. Also, do not place sharp or bottom rough items directly on the furniture surface, and do not use organic solvents directly on the table.

      3, clean the hotel furniture, please use a soft cotton cloth or soft brush to gently wipe, and then dry with a clean dry cloth. Remember to use a hard object to wipe the surface of the furniture to avoid scratching!

      4. The glass part of the hotel furniture can be cleaned with a glass cleaner.

      5, furniture with fabric material, such as fabric sofa, you can use the cleaning and cleaning agent for cleaning carpet.

      6. In case of distress removal, use toothpaste or 30% clean diluent to test. Avoid contact with furniture surface with acid or alkali solution!

      7, inside the cabinet furniture should be put some mothballs or tea for a long time, in order to prevent insects and so on!

      8, when the furniture needs to move, be sure to lift off the ground, can not drag on the ground!