Hotel Furniture Manufacturers

- Jun 10, 2020-

Hotel furniture custom manufacturers are divided according to the type of material, and the following methods can be used

1. Panel hotel furniture: If a hotel uses solid wood as its material for decoration, it is unrealistic. Most hotels use solid wood plywood as the base material for solid wood veneer. The hotel furniture produced in this way is Moisture resistance and durability are not worse than solid wood, and it is more cost-effective. The disadvantage of this type of furniture may be that the solid wood plywood needs to be glued for bonding, and there may be formaldehyde, so Party A must pay attention to environmental issues when purchasing. Check whether the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard;

2. Solid wood hotel furniture: The areas where pure solid wood furniture is used in the hotel are probably the lobby and some important reception areas. Because pure solid wood furniture looks more upscale and has a better texture, it will choose to be placed in a crowded area local;

Guangdong hotel furniture custom manufacturer

3. Hotel outdoor rattan furniture: outdoor furniture is mostly placed on balconies or outdoor leisure areas, hotel gardens or outdoor restaurants, bar counters and other places. Outdoor hotel furniture is made of waterproof fabrics and sponges, which can be placed directly outdoors to experience the wind and sun. Use PE rattan or natural rattan;

4. Upholstered furniture: multi-fingerprint hotel furniture such as sofas and soft bags.