How Do You Choose The Quality Of The Dining Table And Chair?

- Jan 01, 2018-

There is some truth in what kind of price it will buy. It's also a common sense that we often say "one price, one price," and no manufacturer is losing money or making money to consumers. Therefore, no matter what kind of furniture it makes, it needs cost. As for furniture, every furniture has different prices in terms of material, technology and color.

As for the table and chair in the solid wood restaurant, it is very expensive to hear the real wood, and this is the wrong concept of consumption on the market. In fact, the real wood is also distinguished, for example, the solid wood is also divided into these common materials: pine, rubber wood, and Manchurian ash. This is the most common wood for making table chairs, and the price is increasing in turn. If the table is made of wood, want to control the price, so the pine wood is a good choice, but it's relatively in the wood is soft, but very easy processing, wood knots will be more, so this is a pine own shortcomings itself. Maybe pine wood is not known yet. It's the pine tree on our mountain, or the charcoal burning wood table on the street, the roast yellow and black restaurant table and chair. This type of pine restaurant tables and chairs the price is very cheap, the cost of timber prices are relatively modest, plus the difficulty of making low, which determines it, it is a custom table material price is very suitable, but not to make some small chair, because of pine material soft, do any small tables and chairs to use, is more dangerous, a details of the consumers should pay attention to.

Two kinds of wood also, is a kind of material with respect to pine relatively good, we can see a lot of wood wardrobe home, solid wood dining chair or table, you will find many of them are made of rubber wood, good hardness, surface texture is also very good, but is rarely log color that wood colors are relatively deep color, is yellow, making it more difficult to customize, table more, but made of solid wood chairs price would be expensive, mainly wood is relatively fragile, in the actual production, prone to joint damage. Therefore, the rubber wood is also heavier, the density is high, and the physical properties are more stable.

For example, its woody structure is coarse and even, its texture is oblique and its wood is hard. It is generally recognized as one of the most widely used light hardwood solid wood in the world. Its color is light yellow brown, the ring is obvious, the wheel boundary is deep colored ribbon, and the tube hole is very few. Actually, as a new type of furniture made of rubber wood, because of its unique decorative effect, the popularity of rubber wood makes it a relatively high neutral price in furniture industry, which is loved by more and more consumers. This advantage is more obvious, in the rubber wood furniture is more appropriate, of course, is also a very popular hotel is used as the main material of the table, a material of higher price.