How Does The Dining Room Table Chair Normally Nurse?

- Jan 01, 2018-

Now, the table chair is a household furniture standard of each family, there are a variety of dining tables and chairs of various kinds of materials, is said desktop, we will think of the marble table, exquisite pattern, bright surface, cool desktop, is in our view a table is very good, is a the marble table every family is very fond of. Of course, not all the household table are dominated by marble, of course there is solid wood table, wood home, can think in impression about the dark rubber wood, wood color table slightly less, may be on the surface of the deep color of the color above is not good-looking.

People who care for their families will clean the house, no exception. There are also clean tables and chairs. But have you chosen the right way? For the tables and chairs is usually how nursing need to pay attention to methods, so we should use what method to carry out a reasonable care of his chair? The marble table maintenance is easier than solid wood table, on the marble table, only the desktop is marble, in the usual course, we should pay attention not to let the hot things attached to the desktop, when the temperature is too high, attached to the desktop, will cause a high temperature deformation process are also serious split on the desktop, of course, is also a stone melting point, when reaches a certain temperature will be affected on the desktop. Actually, there is a thick layer of paint on the surface of marble table. The melting point of paint is relatively low, and it is easy to be black. So in the process of using, we must pay attention to the temperature protection of the desktop. When cleaning, also to avoid long time use of high temperature water cleaning, do not affect the smoothness of the paint on the desktop. When cleaning the dirt that is difficult to clean on the table, we can use some vinegar for simple wipe and clean it.

Wood desktop belongs to the natural growth of timber, this kind of table is closed paint, that is popular with hands up, don't touch the wood structure, so the paint is to play a protective role, so that the wood and the indoor air or water vapor in an isolation. The paint is to play a very important role in the process of protection, so we should pay attention to in the usual time, knock off paint to paint back, repairing the surface paint, avoid long time and air moisture in contact, will have adverse effects of a chronic corrosion. For the feet of the solid wood table, the bottom of the table should be used as a protective cushion to reduce the probability of contact with water, so it also plays a very good protective role.