How Does The Sofa Identify The Good Or Bad

- Jan 01, 2018-

1: the first to see how the sofa when the sofa frame quality, wanted to test the sofa frame is solid, first make up or stand up and shake, and up and down to how to shake to shake, if I didn't feel any problems, the quality is also. If the seller does not want to shake the fear of shaking when it is shaking, there must be more or less problems.

2: the sofa manufacturer points out that watching the bottom of the sofa is a very good way to lift the cloth to see if it is rotten. There are no traces of worms, scars, etc. The combination of cloth and cloth is consistent, and the internal filling should be closely attached to the cloth. When you do it, the back of the sofa is comfortable, and the marks of standing up will soon recover. If there is no problem, the quality of the sofa can be passed.

3: if you choose the leather sofa, then the cortex is very important. If the cortex is not good, the sitting mark after the sitting is very difficult to disappear, which will affect the appearance. If you don't pay attention to the use of your hand, you may feel bad. Sofa manufacturers pointed out when the choice of the hand to pull down the sofa skin, if the pull after the matter and quickly restore the original, the cortex is still possible.

How does the sofa identify the good or bad

(1) the splint has the difference between the positive and the opposite sides. The selection board, sofa to clear wood, is smooth, smooth, flat.

(2) should not be damaged, broken or worse, nail holes, worm section sofa plate, burr grooves and other defects.

(3) there is no degumming of the sofa board;

(4) sofa manufacturers pointed out that some sofa boards were made up of two kinds of veneers glued together with different patterns. Therefore, we should pay attention to the selection of the sofa boards. The splint joints should be tight, and there is no roughness. In particular, a sofa board does not have two different types of grain, otherwise it will obstruct the rational use, cause waste, and affect the beauty of furniture.

(5) when the sofa manufacturers point out that the splints are selected, we should pay attention to the selection of the splints which are not dispersed. A wooden stick around 0cm can be used to lift up the sofa board and gently tap all parts. The sound is symmetrical and crisp is basically the equal inner panel. If the "shell shell" is hoarse, it will probably be the internal quality defects caused by degumming or bubbling. This kind of plate can only be used as a lining plate or top and bottom plate, which can not be used as the fabric.