How Should The Hotel Furniture Be Moisture-proof Maintenance?

- Jan 01, 2018-

There is much rain in spring and summer, and the furniture should pay attention to moisture-proof. The autumn wind, air drying, furniture should also pay attention to prevent dry chapped. The Guangdong spring back to the south of the wet weather was staggering, many furniture have been moldy hair wet, especially a lot of influence on the operation of the hotel, the hotel furniture to directly affect the customer satisfaction of the hotel, then in the spring and summer season, hotel furniture should be moisture-proof?

Different materials of furniture maintenance and moisture-proof methods are not the same, for example, the hotel furniture is the words of leather furniture. It is necessary to apply a leather jacket and maintenance oil in advance. Before the wet weather, a layer of protective coating is applied to the furniture. It can both moisture-proof and maintain the original color of the furniture. But if there is a musty mildew and mildew stains, it should be the first to use fungicides clean, then coated with leather maintenance oil.

If the hotel furniture is solid wood furniture, the tide may not be too serious, but can not be ignored. You can first put the bamboo charcoal, moistureproof package, and so on. It can also wax, regularly wax the furniture, especially when the summer weather is hot, it is better to keep it under the sun for a long time, otherwise it will crack or deform. But if the furniture is wet, it should open windows and ventilate, keep the air dry, remove the water from the furniture surface with clean soft cloth, and remove the mold with detergent.

In addition, the hotel furniture will choose cloth furniture, its style is fashionable and casual, more popular. But the cloth furniture should pay attention to the work of dust and dust prevention, because in wet weather, more dust is more easily mouldy. So with the cloth sofa special vacuum cleaner, keep the surface clean, and use a clean absorbent strong sofa cloth to remove the surface of the trace and excess water trace.

Different furniture materials have different moisture maintenance modes. Besides, hotel furniture chooses better furniture to reduce the cost of furniture maintenance and provide more efficient service for customers.