How To Choose Furniture Table Chair Sofa?

- Jan 01, 2018-

In general, hotel restaurant is a necessary consumption space, such as Vienna Hotel, western restaurant, seven days, etc. The restaurant tables and chairs are how to choose the better, the so-called hotel is to long run, so the quality is must choose the clearance of the product, simple restaurant choose wood, iron or aluminum table legs, chair, not easy to rust, the hardness of durability are relatively balanced, is a the hotel restaurant furniture selection. The hotel can of course choose restaurant furniture, restaurant furniture including wood, furniture or Hot pot shops, cafes, leisure chairs, seat sofa and other furniture is the western restaurant choose a furniture more, use in the hotel, the so-called is very on the grade, so the hotel furniture should be reasonable the choice of.

The hotel room furniture is an essential kind of rest space furniture. What do you have in the room furniture? General standard of furniture are, bedside cabinets, wardrobe, feature is simple and practical, can reflect how it is simple and practical, so we should pay attention to this problem in the style, according to their own style of decoration to choose appropriate styles, in general, solid wood is most suitable for hotel furniture, more durable compared to those of solid wood, wooden board with furniture is always better than solid wood quality, both in appearance structure is longer than. So when choosing hotel room furniture, if the budget is enough, then try to choose solid wood furniture, and make furniture at the hotel site, so the price will be higher.

The sofa is also a kind of common kind of furniture in our life. What kind of materials are used in the commercial furniture hotel sofa in general? So when choosing a hotel sofa, how to choose a good fabric? So that's one of the questions we need to know before ordering. Hotel sofa sofa is a common form in general appearance is above the wall along the turn of the sofa, the surface of the crystal buttons, with leather fabrics, which are red or bright color sofa, of course, some owners will choose gold carved as decoration European decorative edge. The decoration of the strake has a European classic carved very nice sense of luxury, many people do not know what the material in the material made of, or thought it was carved out of the actual, not, this is made of a glass material, and some resin materials, a model of mold out in general, glass steel material prices are in accordance with the meters, the general price between 160 to 200 of a meter. Therefore, the production of hotel sofa, generally according to the meter, the general price is between 700 and 900.  This is the most common hotel sofa in the hotel.

In addition to a more comprehensive hotel will also have some other services, such as massage or foot, leisure and health services, so for these furniture, when custom is to find manufacturers to customize is relatively fast, the decoration site master is always as professional furniture manufacturers. Of course, when the purchase of furniture in the market can not be blindly to pursue the price, the lower the price the better, the pressure is very low, who will be the quality guarantee? Without profit, there is no service, this is some of the more common principles in the furniture industry. So it's the same reason to choose a massage bed. The choice of quality is the quality of sponge or Sippy to make is the most appropriate.