How To Clean The Hotel Furniture Thoroughly

- Jan 01, 2018-

Many people will think that hotel furniture is purchased after the completion of the construction. Otherwise, hotel furniture is a big project before the hotel construction. It must be considered when the hotel is designed. That is, hotel furniture and hotel construction drawings

The style and standard of the furniture are also different according to the different definition of the hotel. I wonder if you have noticed that in every star hotel, the furnishings and furnishings of every room are different, and the difference is not very big.

You didn't notice, but there are different furniture in different kinds of rooms. For example, standard rooms, business rooms, deluxe rooms, and even some high-end hotels will have presidential rooms. Although the styles and types of hotel furniture are different, they are the same.

The cleaning method is the same. Let's have a look at the hotel furniture factory.

First of all, when cleaning the hotel furniture, we must confirm whether the cloth is soft cloth, and whether it is clean cloth, then wipe the furniture. Here we should pay attention to it. As long as there is a little humidity, the water will not be too much. At the end of the dust

After that, be sure to change one side or change cloth and then use it again. Do not think about laziness and continue to use the dusty side. It will only make the dust rub the surface of furniture, not only the furniture is not clean, it will also damage the surface of furniture. stay

After the cleaning is finished, furniture is maintained. A good maintenance agent can maintain the brightness of the furniture surface. The best use of the value is to shake it first, then spray it.

Finally, clean the cloth and dry it. For those made of hotel furniture, such as sofa, cushion, carpet and so on, you can use that carpet carpet cleaner to clean it. But pay attention to the dust before using the dust go, and then you can use it.