How To Customize Hotel Furniture?

- Jul 10, 2018-

1, ideas. Tell the designer about the initial vague idea, but this doesn't require much detail, and you have to emphasize that you think about immature ideas. Relatively speaking, you want designers to provide better ideas. Conducive to giving full play to the designer's imagination. In particular, the specific positioning of the hotel, mainly facing the consumer groups.

2. Budget. This requires a wide range, such as star hotels, business hotels, boutique hotels. Why should we care about this, because different hotels have different characteristics, for example: business hotels will be equipped with conference halls; ordinary hotels have everything, but everything is general; boutique hotels, highlighting key points and emphasizing design features.

3. Consumer groups. Traveling housing, business housing, host housing, and travel housing. Due to the wide range of hotel customers, it is necessary to locate clearly and not do everything. Hotel rooms are generally divided into the following categories: single room, double room, business suite room furniture, deluxe big room, presidential suite. Specifically look at your hotel positioning, consumer positioning.