How To Repair The Crackle Of The Dining Table In The Solid Wood Hotel

- Jan 01, 2018-

With a small knife point, along the crack sides, split into smaller cracks. The smaller the better, the bigger the crack will become smaller. Finally, the big crack is almost the same as the small crack. That is to say, the lumber molecules around the big cracks are rearranged evenly, becoming more soft and more natural, which is equivalent to the effect of the pine soil. This will form a few tiny tiny cracks. At this time, we will fill the small cracks with the smooth colored sawdust surface, and use the sandpaper to grind them slightly, so that they can be filled more evenly. This repair is more beautiful and natural than the method of filling the sawdust surface directly in the large crack. With 502 glue, with the shovel shovel, modification of color, painted wood, then the appropriate point into 502 glue, leveled, sanded and smooth. Mohawk and mark Mohawk white transparent finish to finish spray up. If you finish, there may be a map border like mist traces, then we will use Mohawk to paint spray whitening to solve the problem. Properly polished with a polished wire, the cracks were almost perfect, and it was impossible to see the real wood Hotel table that had been repaired.