What Is Hotel Furniture Design?

- Jun 29, 2018-

The design and layout of hotel furniture is an important part of modern hotel interior design and has an important influence on the indoor environment. With the development of social economy and the improvement of aesthetic standards, people have increasingly improved the design requirements for hotel furniture.

There are many kinds of hotel furniture. According to the functional zoning of the hotel, furniture in the public area is available for guests to rest, including sofas, chairs, coffee table, etc.; catering part of the home has a dining table, dining chairs, bar tables, coffee tables and chairs, etc.; room part of the home has beds, bedside tables, Sofas, coffee tables, desks, chairs, closets for storage items, etc. The more large-scaled high-level hotels, the more types of furniture that bear social functions, the economical hotels have simpler functions, and the types of furniture are relatively reduced.

Hotel furniture design has two aspects:

(1) The practicality and comfort of hotel furniture. In interior design, furniture is closely related to people's various activities, and it is necessary to reflect the "people-oriented" design concept everywhere.

(2) Hotel furniture decoration. Furniture is the main role that reflects the interior atmosphere and artistic effects. Good furniture not only makes people feel comfortable and comfortable, but also gives people an aesthetic pleasure and pleasure. Some people compare good furniture designs to eggs because eggs are viewed from every angle as a whole. They are both simple and rich in change. They are both simple and rich in beauty, making people feel good and at a glance.

As early as the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of modern furniture design has emerged: focusing on functionality, practicality, based on ergonomics, emphasizing industrialized production, giving full play to material properties, simple and elegant modeling, eliminating redundant decorations, and facilitating adjustment and combination to suit different Claim.