What Kind Of Attention Is Placed In The Hotel Furniture Design?

- Jul 05, 2018-

Hotel furniture design generally considers the harmony of the hotel's overall decoration. The sculpture in the interior space enhances the space art with three-dimensional space art. Some sculptures are embellished and matched with scenery. Some sculptures are the main scenes, all attracting attention with unique shapes. To enhance the cultural taste of the hotel's interior space. The style of the sculpture is often consistent with the architecture and interior design of the resort. The materials range from stone, wood, metal, fiberglass to porcelain and bamboo.

The variety of handicrafts with local characteristics is very rich in the hotel's interior design. The role of furnishings in the interior can not be ignored, its scale, color, style and position should be subject to the concept of interior design, to create the atmosphere, so that architecture and art complement each other, rather than each other, offset each other.

The interior furnishings of the hotel are purely artistic or practical. As long as it is furnished, its shape, color and texture are connected with many factors in the surrounding space. Form and space both restrict each other and reflect each other, creating a regional character of the overall space. Any piece of furnishings should not only be used to express its own subject matter, but also should be coordinated with the space. Only in this way can it reflect the decorative beauty of different spatial features, form a unique atmosphere and give a profound cultural connotation. The size and form of furnishings should be in good proportion to the scale of interior furniture.

The furnishings are too large, often making the space appear small and crowded, creating a sense of depression and dullness. Too small may make the space too empty. The relationship between the various components of the interior reflects the basic characteristics of the interior design. Therefore, it is impossible to design any of the furnishings as a unitary or integral part of the interior, regardless of the interrelationship of elements such as color, lighting, lines, forms, patterns, textures or spaces in the composition. . One of these composition elements will play a certain role in the overall effect, forming a compositional beauty.

      Therefore, the small attention will create different artistic effects. The hotel design is just right for the design to make the hotel space shine. The designer will not let a little bit of detail, because it can create new highlights.