What To Pay Attention To Buy Hotel Furniture?

- Jun 28, 2018-

The hotel furniture we are familiar with generally includes: standard furniture, suite furniture and presidential suite furniture. In general, no matter what the standard room furniture, its functional requirements and furniture composition are basically similar, not only requires sleep and writing functions, but also has accommodating functions such as storing small items of luggage.

Corresponding furniture generally include: sets of beds, desks, luggage counters, TV cabinets, leisure chairs, coffee table, nightstands and so on. The attention to the purchase of hotel furniture is even more numerous. Here are 8 basic considerations:

1 Is the material reasonable?

2Whether the moisture content is too high

3 is the structure is strong

4Whether the furniture feet are level

5 Veneer furniture is tightly patched

6 appearance details accessory how

7 material is excellent wear-resistant

8 Hotel Furniture Brand